Hatcher Pass Road and Independence Mine State Historical Park

What a busy summer it has been! We’ve had friends over, ate way too much and had too much fun. Many beautiful hikes that we did with our friends. This was one of them. We drove to Hatcher Pass and took a walk around Independence Mine.

Hatcher Pass is a scenic mountain pass which loops between the Glenn Highway and the Parks Highway. Definitely worth a stop or as a side trip if you are travelling up north to Denali from Anchorage. There are scenic turnouts along the way and Independence Mine sits on top Hatcher Pass Road. Driving up to the mine, we saw a few parking areas near trailheads. It looks like a great area for hikes and we hope to go back again to explore the various trails. You can also try your hand at gold-panning while you are there. You can pick up the equipment needed at the visitor’s office. This was a real working gold-mine alright. Our friends went gold-panning with their children and you can really see lots of fine gold dust and specks.


Follow the Glenn Highway north from Anchorage north to mile 49.5.  Turnoff on Palmer-Fishhook Road and follow the signs to Hatcher Pass Road/Independence Mine State Historical Park.





From the book, Lost in Translation: “It’s nice that the Japanese think so highly of thinking about nothing at all that they actually gave it a name.”

Boketto: n. Gazing vacantly into the distance without really thinking about anything specific. This word came to my mind at some of the stops we made along Seward Highway, Alaska. It was a lovely day – Blue skies, temperature in the 70s. A perfect day for some boketto. 🙂Read More »

Hiking and sight-seeing in Valdez, land of waterfalls. Part 1: Keystone Canyon Pack Trail of 1889

As a continuation of our weekend road trip, we set off from McCarthy early in the morning, went back onto McCarthy road, Edgerton highway, then onto Richardson highway and headed South towards Valdez. Edgerton Highway and McCarthy road have beautiful views and you can see some pictures of the scenery in my earlier post on McCarty and Kennicott. You can also read about the Bonanza Trail Hike, a beautiful hike up the challenging Kennecott Bonanza mine trail in that post.Read More »

Two days of solitude: Alaska’s most famous ghost town of Kennicott and sister town, McCarthy.

I have just moved to the beautiful state of Alaska a little over three months ago and when my husband said that he wanted to go to McCarthy for our first road trip, I had no idea where it is or what it is like at all. After a quick google search and reading a bit about McCarthy and the nearby ghost town of Kennicott, I was intrigued. Read More »