Dose of inspiration. 

I’m not very good at expressing what I feel, so I won’t say much. I guess all of us have that feeling sometimes, that it’s too late…I’ll never…I’m too old…I no longer have the time…the time has passed…etc etc… A despairing heartache that you try your best to bury with the busyness of living. May we have the faith to believe that it’s not too late and have the courage to make those dreams come true and be the person we long to be. 


4 thoughts on “Dose of inspiration. 

  1. Yes, doubt and fear are the enemies as they kidnap positive thought.

    I also believe our dreams may take a back seat for a while but one day they will come looking for you and demand to be a part of your life. This has happened to me.

    Good post!

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    • I like and agree very much what you said about dreams taking a back seat but one day come looking for you and demand to be part of your life. (I wish I can write like that!) It’s whether or not I dare to believe in second chances and work hard to make things happen. It’s very much easier to just say, nah it’s too late and settle for mediocrity.

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