Sichuan-style wontons in chili oil and vinegar.

I was talking to a friend a few days ago, and the conversation drifted to the topic of food and a restaurant in Singapore that I miss, and I thought about one of my favourite dish there – Hong You Chao Shou (红油抄手). Directly translated, it means “Red oil, crossed arms”. The dish is better known in English as Sichuan-style wontons in chili oil and vinegar.  In the west, wontons are typically eaten fried, but basic wontons are also eaten boiled, or in savoury soups accompanying noodles. Good wontons have thin and supple skin and when they are boiled, the skins have a wonderful slippery texture. In this dish, they are tossed in spicy chili oil and vinegar and adding some minced ginger into the wontons complements the tangy-ness of the sauce.Read More »

Easy 20 minute Pork Chops with Plum sauce, ginger and lime juice.

Some days, you just don’t have the energy or  feel like spending an hour cooking your meal. Well, yesterday was such a day for me. On days like this, I am thankful for having my staple sauces standing ready in my pantry. One of my favourite is Chinese Plum sauce, and I especially like to use it when I cook pork. There are many brands of plum sauce out there, but I have always used the one shown below as it’s a popular brand in my home country, Singapore.

This dish needs only 5 min prep time, and around 10 min cooking time. It will be ideal if you plan ahead and let the meat marinade in the sauce for 4 hours or even overnight. But because the sauce is strong in flavor with plum sauce and honey, I think it will be okay if you have no time to marinade your meat and have to cook it right away. If that’s the case, baste the pork chop with the marinade as you cook, and cook the remaining marinade after you have finished pan-frying the meat, and use it as the sauce for the pork chops.Read More »

Panda Express’ Beijing Beef Copycat Recipe. 

Have never been a fan sweet and sour pork/beef/chicken. I didn’t dislike them, just never much cared for sour stuff…until I came to the U.S four years ago. Most of the Chinese takeouts are sweet and sour meats, but, I must say, the Chinese restaurants here have perfected the art of deep-fried sweet and sour meats and I have slowly developed a liking for them. Now in Alaska, we started to miss Panda Express’ Beijing Beef and so, at the husband’s constant nagging for me to try cooking the dish, I went onto the Internet to search for copycat recipes. I’m pleased to say, i found a pretty good one! Read More »

Condensed milk in a savory main dish? I’m going to try it! An adaptation of Bon Appetit’s Curry-and-Coconut-Milk-Grilled Pork Skewers. (Recipe) 

10 A.M. I was browsing though the May issue of Bon Appetit magazine looking for some inspiration for dinner later that night. The husband is having a busy week and I really wanted to cook him something nice to cheer him up when he gets home. A recipe caught my eye. Curry and coconut milk grilled pork skewers. I’m Singaporean so coconut milk isn’t an exotic ingredient. But wait…condensed milk? In a savory dish? Up till now I have only used condensed milk in my daily cup of Milo.That piqued my curiosity.Read More »

Project candle-light: The husband’s birthday dinner. Shrimp bisque and Cajun blackened steak recipes I tried from The Joy of Cooking. (Recipe) 

I wanted to do a little something special for the husband. Have never tried cooking a romantic candlelight dinner for him so I thought perhaps it will be a good time to try. I just bought a second-hand copy of the cookbook The Joy of Cooking, and my, oh my! I wished I had gotten the book sooner! Based on my earlier success with a few recipes, I decided to try a soup recipe and a steak recipe from the book. Just something simple to prepare, because I will be baking a birthday cake that day. Now, that is quite an adventure too and I will blog about that in a separate post. Read More »