Kitchen Hack for a finer textured porridge.

Been awhile since I have posted anything… Pregnancy, baby etc. Well…I’m slowly getting back to my sickness of taking pictures of my cooking again! Probably will be sharing much much simpler stuff.


Was on FB and saw a video about 4 quick porridge recipes and one piece of information in the video really got my attention: using a wire egg beater to break up the rice when it has expanded to get a fine textured porridge. Wow. So simple? So I finally had the chance to try it today.

So, it really is that simple! No need to cook for hours, no need to pour into a food processor, no need to use a immersion blender. Once you see that the rice has expanded after cooking for a while, simple use the egg whisk/beater to break up the rice. That’s it! HK-style porridge at home!