Easy Cream of Mushroom soup! You won’t need Campbell’s ever again. (Recipe)

I’ve never tried making soup till I got my stick blender. They have always looked like they need a lot of work, especially the creamy ones. After I (finally) bought my stick blender, it’s like a new area of cooking opened up to me. I HAVE to make sure I put my blender to good use (lest someone starts nagging that there are too many things in my kitchen…) so I started looking up the ‘Soup’ section of my recipe books and realised that, hey, you know what? Soups can be one of the easiest and quickest thing to prepare AND they can be really cheap and healthy food too! Of course, just don’t choose to make lobster bisque or something if you are in a hurry. A few days ago, I discovered another soup recipe that is so quick and easy to prepare – Cream of Mushroom soup (no blending required).

My forgetfulness sometimes help me to discover or try new recipes. I  had two little boxes of cremini mushrooms that have been sitting in my fridge for quite a while (don’t ask me why I bought so much mushrooms) and I know I really gotta use them soon. Besides cooking mushroom soup, I can’t think of any other dish that could quickly use them up! I started looking through my recipe books and it’s strange none of them has a recipe on mushroom soup. I had to turn to the internet, which isn’t something I like to do, because, you never know which are the good recipes out of thousands posted online. I usually go to the ones from more well-known cooking websites and choose those that have the most reviews and highest ratings. That day, I chanced upon one on food.com. It has 87 reviews and rated 5 stars. 87 isn’t that many but a full 5 stars looks promising! I must admit that I do feel a little skeptical when I looked through the short list of ingredients and method. It was really, really simple. Prep time is only 20 min. Can something so simple taste so good? Well, 87 people said yes. I guess I should give it a go!

I looked at the reviews to see what the other ladies have to say to make this simpler to make and tastier and what I will be sharing below incorporates a few of these tips. This is the first cream of mushroom soup I tried and I feel really satisfied with it. Perhaps there might be better recipes out there, but if you want something easy to prepare and few ingredients, I think this is a winner. 🙂

Cream of Mushroom Soup (from Food.com, posted by sweetslady. See original posted recipe here.)

Note: I stuck to the original list of ingredients. Nothing changed here.

8 ounces fresh mushrooms

2 tbsp onions, chopped

1-2 garlic cloves, minced

2 tbsp butter

2-3 tbsp flour

2 cups chicken broth

1 cup light cream/milk

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

1/4 tsp nutmeg


This is where I incorporated a few tips from the reviewers to make things simpler and have better results.

Depending on the texture you like, chop or slice mushrooms. I sliced mine. Melt butter in frying pan (in my case, I do that straight in the dutch oven which I will be using to cook the soup).

Add in onions, garlic and mushrooms. Cook till mushrooms are soft.Add in pepper and nutmeg. Stir, and then add in chicken broth and let mushrooms simmer in the broth as advised by one reviewer. Another reviewer suggested making the roux of flour and butter separately before adding it to the mushrooms and broth so that you don’t get lumps. Absolutely agree. So this is what I did based on a previous reading on how to prepare roux. (You can read it here )Melt the butter in another saucepan over medium high heat, add flour all at once, whisking it constantly with a spoon or a small whisk. When mixture thins and starts to bubble, reduce heat to low and cut back on the whisking. Cook until it looks golden and has a nice aroma. I let my mushrooms simmer in the chicken broth for about 30 min before adding in the roux and stir in the cream. You don’t have to, but I just thought it would let the taste of mushrooms really get into the broth.

Now, here’s a useful tip I learnt from reading on making rouxRoux can be used immediately to thicken a liquid that is at or below room temperature. To thicken a hot liquid, allow roux to cool to room temperature, or refrigerate.Tightly wrapped, roux can be refrigerated for up to a month. Simply break off pieces and use as needed. Great!

I hope you will enjoy the recipe as much as I did. Happy cooking!



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