A new beginning for running in 2015.

It’s been a long while since I ran regularly. The year started with news of our move to another state, and with that came the weeks of sorting, packing, looking for a rental home, arriving, unpacking, settling in and then not having the right gear to run in snow and icy conditions. Five full months of 2015 have passed since and the weather has finally turned warmer.There are no more snow and icy patches on the trails, and I have fully recovered from a hip flexor injury that put me out of running for 5 weeks.

There are no races this year in my calendar to train for this year. I’m rather relieved for that – No more stress when I have to skip a day of running, or worry about how fast I am, about crossing that thin line of pushing myself and improving, and over-doing it and injury, about logging in the miles. Last year had been such a fruitful year of running for me – breakthroughs in speed and endurance, opportunities to see this beautiful country through running races in different cities, and then this year, there is suddenly nothing to train for. I am a little worried about losing all that speed and strength I have gained through so much effort last year. No doubt I am already slower and weaker, not running regularly for almost 6 months; I’m just hoping I don’t keep regressing! I once came across a motivation poster that says, “If you are persistent, you will get it; If you are consistent, you will keep it.” I really need to do both.

Anyway, I’m taking it a week at a time, starting with having a regular running routine again and setting little goals for myself. I have never quite been able to keep a running log regularly so I thought it might be a good idea to try doing it again.  To make logging the miles a little more fun and to give me a little something to look forward to, I decided to set a challenge of spotting something beautiful and taking a picture of it during every run to have something to add to my running log, besides the number of miles. This is something I kind of do at almost every run since I got here, because there is so much wildlife and beautiful scenery. I might as well keep a record of these wonderful images to remind myself why running is so enjoyable. 🙂 I think it will force me to get creative and observant too, since it’s always that few trails I run. Well, it might also force me to try somewhere new every once in a while when I run out of things to photograph!

This is my spot-something-pretty for my run today: A drab, brown hill along the running trail has become a pretty hill full of dandelions! I smiled when I saw this and felt so, so thankful to be able to run – pain-free! Certainly a mood lifter. You see, I have lived my whole life in the tropics, where you don’t see a change of seasons unless when you go traveling. To be able to live somewhere where you really see a big change between seasons is a wonderful experience for me.

I hope you find something beautiful that will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your soul on your walk/run today.


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