Panda Express’ Beijing Beef Copycat Recipe. 

Have never been a fan sweet and sour pork/beef/chicken. I didn’t dislike them, just never much cared for sour stuff…until I came to the U.S four years ago. Most of the Chinese takeouts are sweet and sour meats, but, I must say, the Chinese restaurants here have perfected the art of deep-fried sweet and sour meats and I have slowly developed a liking for them. Now in Alaska, we started to miss Panda Express’ Beijing Beef and so, at the husband’s constant nagging for me to try cooking the dish, I went onto the Internet to search for copycat recipes. I’m pleased to say, i found a pretty good one! 

Please click here for the recipe. It is taken from the website This talented gal has very good recipes on her website. I’ve tried a few and they have all turned out great. Will certainly be returning to her website to try out more recipes! (Thank you, Bee Yinn Low, for your wonderful recipes!)


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