Savory Steamed Eggs, Chinese style. (Recipe) 

Came across an article on Food52 on Korean Steamed Egg Custard, and it reminded me of the Chinese-style steamed eggs I love to eat when I lived in Singapore. And it occurred to me that it has been a long, long time since I had those. Steamed eggs it is tonight!

I’m no expert cook, so before I started cooking this again, I did a quick 10 minute research over the internet to confirm the correct water-to-egg ratio. You see, this may be a humble dish, but the secret to how great it tastes is the texture of the eggs. It should look as smooth as a baby’s bottom and slightly jiggly in the bowl. Just smooth and soft enough for you to slurp it up! And the next most important thing is – cover those eggs with aluminium foil or a lid/plate so that you don’t get pock-marked eggs.

For even more taste, you can substitute plain water with chicken broth. Once you get the water-to-egg ratio right, you can just add different ingredients and make it Japanese style – chawanmushi!

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for a simple recipe.

Substitute water with chicken broth, put in sake instead of chinese rive wine,  add some mushrooms, crab sticks and cooked it in individual ramekins and you have a Japanese-style steamed egg!
Really happy with the texture!

 Chinese-style steamed eggs recipe


4 Eggs

16 half egg shell of water. (This is an old-school method of measuring water for your eggs, and I must say, it works! I will explain in the method)

1/2 tsp Soy sauce or salt

dash of white pepper

1 tbsp Chinese rice wine

1-2 tbsp oil

Spring onions, and fried onions for garnish


Crack your eggs into a large bowl. Save the shell of half an egg.

Now, fill that half-an-egg sized shell with water. Add 12 of those into your eggs. Remember, you can always use more or less eggs, but keep the ratio the same-  3 half-egg shell of water:1egg. Adjust seasoning accordingly.

Add salt, wine, and pepper and beat everything well.

Pour the egg mixture slowly into another bowl using a strainer to get rid of lumps and air bubbles. Cover the bowl or plate with aluminium foil.

Fill a large pot or wok with some water (keep the water level low.) Let it come to a rolling boil and then immediately turn the heat down so that you get a gentle boil/simmer. Put the bowl of eggs in, cover the pot/wok and steam it for 13-15 min.

Put some spring onions onto the eggs. Heat the oil in a tiny saucepan until smoking. Pour the oil over the spring onions which are on the egg. They will get cooked by the hot oil and give an amazing taste and  fragrance to the dish. If you find the egg isn’t salty enough, you can always add some light or dark soy sauce over it after cooking.


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